Gerber is known for its craftmanship and attention to detail. As a world leader in outdoor gear, Gerber has put forth great products during its long history. Joseph Gerber started the company in 1939 making kitchen cutlery.

After a great start with knives and cutlery Gerber has become known for its exceptional multi-tool. One of our favorites is the Gerber 01471 Suspension Butterfly Opening Multi-Plier, with Sheath

The Gerber Suspension Multi-Tool Features:

01471 Suspension Butterfly Opening Gerber Multi-tool Product Specifications:

Technical Details


5 Stars - Gerber Butterfly, September 28, 2010
It is great. I work with networkings a lot of running cables and opening boxes and such. Great tool to have works like a charm and the pouch that came with it is a nice holster for it.

5 Stars - Awesome Multi-Tool.... Highly Recommend!, August 28, 2010
Tool is lighter than most multi-tools. I use this multi-tool almost everyday. It comes in handy when fixing computers or racking servers. This tool comes in handy when opening various types of boxes and keeping zombies off you or your co-worker.

5 Stars - Sturdy, well-made multi-tool, July 19, 2010
The Gerber 01471 Multi-Tool has all the essential tools that I need for quick daily tasks that don't require the big toolbox. It is well made, solid, using high quality steel for blade and tools. It is certainly not designed for small hands, in particular the pliers - that's exactly why I bought it. The screwdrivers, both blade and Philips, are constructed of high quality steel and have already held up to some heavy jobs. One of the decisive reasons for my purchase was Gerber's blade and tool lock mechanism - it works and makes this tool much safer than others in my arsenal. Highly recommended, in particular for the sale price. I am thinking about buying a few more as gifts for my handy relatives - the ones with big hands :)

5 Stars - Another Great Gerber Product, April 5, 2008
I'm an avid outdoorsman and hunter. I have several different hunting/hiking packs and each one has a Gerber Multi-Tool. The Suspension model is a great little tool to have around.

The overwhelming majority of the reviews are positive.
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